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4 Effective Ways to Use a Mobile Glass Whiteboard in Your Home Office

  • September 27, 2017
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4 Effective Ways to Use a Mobile Glass Whiteboard in Your Home Office - Texas MedClinic Careers

Using a mobile glass whiteboard for home office may sound too old school for many, but given its utility it is still an integral part of office furniture. Starting from planning your day to keeping you inspired throughout the day, a whiteboard can be used for multiple purposes. They are lightweight, easy to move, and durable which make them a worthwhile investment. Whether you already have one or planning to get one, the post discusses multiple roles the glass whiteboard can perform to help you manage your worklife.



A planner is a must for any home office. But instead of buying a paper planner every year, it makes sense to invest in a dry-wipe glass whiteboard that never runs out of utility. Having a board enables you to do away with the hassle of flipping the pages of a planner, even when you are on an important business call. Place the board at a spot where it is easily accessible.

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If you like to plan your tasks on a daily basis, you will find glass whiteboards to be very effective for this purpose. Unlike an agenda notebook, writing tasks on a whiteboard can result in more productiveness. This is because your tasks are visible to everyone, which will help hold you accountable for any incomplete tasks listed on your board.


Another way to use a glass whiteboard is to write motivational quotes and acknowledgments you have received for your work. Working alone in a home office may often become dull and boring, that’s when motivational messages written on whiteboard can help you keep going. You can also use some space to write down your goals or attach photos that interest you.

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If your work involves loads of brainstorming, glass whiteboard makes an ideal choice. Designers and artists find whiteboard quite handy when making quick sketches or rough drafts. Reversible and dry wipe-off whiteboards are not as wasteful as white paper, especially when preparing multiple drafts. In addition, if you are brainstorming with another person, whiteboard allows you both to participate in the discussion at the same time.


There can be many other ways in which you can use portable whiteboards in your home office. The idea here is to waste as little paper as possible and keep your work life organized. The best part about whiteboards on wheels is that you can easily move them anywhere, as per your requirement. When shopping for mobile glass whiteboards, you won’t find a reason to look beyond Merge Works. We carry an exclusive range of high quality mobile glass boards that are not only environmentally-friendly, but also highly durable. To learn more about our home office furniture, call us at 972-525-8598 or fill out our contact form and our experts will get in touch with you.

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