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Top 5 Benefits of Using Office Partitions

  • June 22, 2017
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Top 5 Benefits of Using Office Partitions - Texas MedClinic Careers

The office layout has a major impact on employee efficiency. Studies have revealed that better interiors can bring up to 80 percent improvement in employee productivity. To realize this objective, many businesses are moving from conventional designs to experimenting with contemporary layouts that include modern office partitions. The partitions include space dividers to optimize available spaces. Merge Works has extensive inventory of office furniture uniquely suitable for flexible offices, including a range of modular office panels that help optimize space usage. In this post, we look at some of the notable benefits of using office partitions. Take a look.


Portable office partitions include rollers that make them mobile, and can help manage available space effectively. Users can shift these partitions to a secluded area when not in use, therefore, freeing up space. Employees can also use office partition walls as pin boards and attach whiteboards on the partitions that they can use to leave notes for their co-workers. Modern office partitions can be installed and re-installed swiftly and can help re-configure your office layout.


Noise in workplace can give rise to various health issues and impacts employee productivity. Modern office partitions help address this issue by partitioning the office and blocking noise distractions at their originating point. Employees, for instance won’t be able to overhear their colleagues conversing over a call. This apart from helping avoid unnecessary distractions also promotes a sense of privacy. If your office is located near a construction site or any other areas that emit noise distractions, opt for double-glazed glass partitions that are specially designed to filter noise

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Natural lighting is a much better alternative than using artificial lighting, and can help increase concentration. Natural lighting can also have a positive impact on employee absenteeism and health, and can boost employee productivity. Glass office partitions are designed to let sunlight pass through them, therefore, making the available space seem more than usual. More natural light in your office will also improve illumination, and help reduce energy costs.


Office partitions apart from ushering in utility based benefits, also enhance the workplace aesthetics. At Merge Works, we offer a range of desk dividers, and office partitions that are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To get your money’s worth, consider your office’s layout, the color and style of furniture you use, and the available space when ordering office partition that compliments the office design. You can also customize office partitions and use different hues and shades to liven up your workplace.


Modern office partitions, unlike conventional furniture are lightweight, can be easily folded, and consume less space than traditional furniture. Office partitions also help enhance employee privacy by segregating work areas and you won’t have to opt for private cubicles and chambers which helps in saving space. Avoid using glass partitions that are transparent and won’t serve this purpose, if promoting privacy is your prime concern.


Using modern office partitions ushers in a number of benefits and will help you save costs and space. While opting for office partitions, make sure they are made from sustainable and durable material. At Merge Works, we’re an environmentally conscious company and use sustainable practices and materials to manage our carbon footprints. To learn more about available products and customization options, call us at (888) 464-6053.

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