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Increase Productivity at Work with Cubicle Extender Panels

  • April 13, 2018
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Increase Productivity at Work with Cubicle Extender Panels - Texas MedClinic Careers

Is your business looking for a modern way to upgrade your existing office cubicle system? If so, then you’ve found a cost-friendly solution that will also help reduce distractions and increase your workers’ productivity. Merge Works introduces a new office furniture solution, Stackers cubicle extender panels, to extend the height of existing cubicles.

Many companies have made the switch from high-wall to low-wall cubicles because they promote collaboration, teamwork and creativity. Sometimes, however, this office design poses a problem due to noise and visual distractions. Give your current system an upgrade by adding Stackers cubicle extender panels. These cubicle accessories will offer your employees a quieter, more focused workspace by putting a barrier between their desk and the outside distractions throughout the office.  Read on for a few other ways that Stackers will enhance privacy and modernize your workplace.

Motivate With Defined Workspaces

Adding an extended panel to a set of cubicles will benefit any employee. With more height to your cubicle, adding a visual and auditory barrier, you create a  better-defined workspace, which many experts say is a key factor to motivating your workforce.

By allowing an employee’s work area to be their personal “work-nook”, instead of something to escape at the end of the day, you ensure that they maximize their productivity in a space that is comfortable and private. By using an ergonomic approach to reduce distractions from people, spaces, or things, employees can then perform at their maximum level throughout the day.

Boost Productivity with Upgraded Office Accessories

Now, if your workspace needs to hit the refresh button, there is one unique way to inspire and brighten up the office. Consider a colored cubicle extender panel to set the mood of your working environment. Experts say that colors have the power to affect us. Some can have a soothing effect while others can boost productivity or spark creativity. By choosing a frosted acrylic material in green, pink, blue, or whatever color scheme fits your office concept, your Stackers become something nice to look at while still providing privacy in between work areas.

Another benefit of extender panels is the ease and simplicity of setting them up in your office. A user-friendly design and easy installation are key decision factors in choosing office accessories to upgrade your workplace. Our Stackers come with mounting hardware that is available for either flat or curved cubicle surfaces. We can customize Stacker sizes and heights to fit your cubicle system and height requirement. These small details will up your office game and enhance privacy!

Stackers Cubicle Extender Panels by Merge Works

Add Stackers To Your Office Furniture Concept

If you are looking for a simple and practical solution to add height to existing cubicle walls, Merge Works suggests Stackers, cubicle extender panels. You will not find an easier way to upgrade your office cubicles and give your employees a distraction-free environment where they can thrive professionally.

Find more details about Stackers in our online catalog today. Give us a call at 800-597-1195 if you need help making selections for your office or an office design that you have in mind. We’re happy to customize Stackers to match your brand or office concept in order to best serve your workforce.

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