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5 Design Elements Intrinsic To Flexible Workspaces

  • April 27, 2017
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5 Design Elements Intrinsic To Flexible Workspaces - Texas MedClinic Careers

The definition of a flexible workspace is not limited to ‘ditching cubicles and welcoming ping pong tables’. Designing a flexible workspace is about taking all steps that help create a more comfortable, secure, and happy setting. An office that facilitates movement, but provides enough privacy for demanding tasks, and where changing seating arrangements or collaborating is never a challenge. That’s why everything from installing a modular panels such as a room divider to innovative technologies such as smart doors and lighting are important when designing a flexible office. Here are five design elements intrinsic to an ideal flexible workspace.


Flexible furniture solves most of your problems in your pursuit of creating a flexible workspace. Flexible modern office furniture is easy to move around and offers several functionalities without costing significant money. The right office furniture facilitates movement and mitigates health issues. Standing desks, for example, enable employees to stand and work, thereby reducing sitting for long hours and avoiding its side effects. Similarly, walls on wheels help you create a flexible partition that you can remove when the need arises.


Private spaces are as important as open areas in any flexible office setting. While open spaces help facilitate communication and chance meetings, private spaces are necessary for completing demanding tasks to taking a call to a quick meeting. Moreover, not every employee in your office may be comfortable working in an open environment; there are many who may need privacy to concentrate on their job. The good news is, designing a flexible private space without having to bear a large cost is easy these days – thanks to the availability of modular panels such as room dividers and office partitions.


While a balance between private and open spaces is essential, your office space should be multifunctional too. By multifunctional we mean a space that serves more than one purpose, a space that your team can best use for different objectives. You can, for example, use the same multifunctional space for large meetings, events, receptions, and conferences. This way, you’re able to get the most out of your existing workspace, without having to expand your office area.


One of the biggest reasons why flexible workspaces are booming to popularity is that they help enhance employee productivity. That said, the colors in your office, whether on the walls or furniture, play an equally essential role as the presence of flexible furniture such as room dividers and height-adjustable tables. Several studies show that dull colors make employees feel lethargic, and lower their productivity in office. Bright colors, on the other hand, make you feel happy, energetic. Red, for example, creates a sense of urgency. Blue stimulates creativity, where’s brown invokes feelings of comfort and security.


Outdoor areas make an ideal recreational space that can improve your health of your employees and enhance their productivity. Natural light, greenery, and fresh air  improve brain function and creativity. Many companies are therefore, providing outdoor offices to their employees. These companies understand that due to the amount of time we spent indoors in artificial light, moving out under the sky is critical for health and productivity for their employee’s health.

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We can conclude that an ideal flexible workspace is the result of various elements. From creating sufficient private spaces to providing innovative technology, outdoor spaces and flexible furniture, everything is intrinsic for designing a flexible workspace. As far as purchasing creative furniture solutions is concerned, Merge Works has got you covered. By making use of our office furniture such as room dividers and office partitions, you can create a functional and flexible workspace, without having to invest large amounts of money. To learn about our exclusive range of products fill out our contact form, or call us at 1-800-597-1195.

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