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TableUP Benching 2-Leg

Quantity 3 - 2 Packs with Silver Base, Grey Elm Laminate, Pear Acoustic EchoScape Enclave Panels and Clear Acrylic Privacy Plus Panels

TableUP Benching 2-Leg

Quantity 3- 2 Packs with Black Base, Grey Elm Laminate and Cobalt EchoScape Center Dividers

TableUP Benching 2-Leg

Quantity 2- 2-Pack, White Base, White Laminate, Tyrian Fabric Fold Center Divider

TableUP Benching - 3-Leg

Qty 4 - 2 Pack, Silver Base, Smokey Brown Pear Laminate, Clear Frosted Acrylic Center Dividers

TableUP™ Height Adjustable Benching Systems

Adjusting To Your Style

TableUP™ height adjustable benching system offers quality space-saving and ergonomic workstations at an affordable cost. Built to exceed industry standards, the TableUP™ back-to-back, electric, sit/stand height adjustable benching system is attractive and highly functional while maximizing space in offices, hospitals, and classrooms.

TableUp height adjustable benching is available in two height adjustment ranges and 2 hand switch options and includes all parts needed for a complete workstation setup.  Complete your benching system with our quality high-pressure laminate worksurfaces  and add privacy with our center bench mounted desk dividers.  Available in a wide pallet of colors and a variety of materials, our fabric, acrylic and EchoScape™ desk dividers add privacy, acoustic balance, and a color pop to workspaces.

Whether you need a compact 2-person workstation or large group of connecting workstations, the TableUP™ benching system is the foundation for cultivating a comfortable, productive and ergonomic environment.

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Easy to Configure

Just Add Worksurfaces and Center Desk Dividers

We’ve taken the hard work out of building a complete benching system.  Our 2-pack, back-to-back benching systems can be fully configured in a few easy steps.

  • Determine workstation configuration:  2-leg or 3-leg base and worksurface size
  • Choose your adjustment stage range and hand switch option
  • Add Power
  • Choose HPL worksurface finish, edgeband color and grommet locations
  • Choose center Desk Divider size, material and finish

Your 2-pack benching system is complete.

Order multiples of 2-packs to create the number of benching workstations that accommodates your workforce requirements.

Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your TableUP™ Height Adjustable Benching Systems, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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