Modern Office Solutions That Promote An Active Work Life

  • April 29, 2017
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Modern Office Solutions That Promote An Active Work Life - Texas MedClinic Careers

An office is a place where employees spend a better part of most of their days. It is essential to their health and productivity that the office layout promotes an active and healthy environment. Employers can introduce various changes to existing workplace designs such as flexible furniture, including sit-stand desks and height adjustable tables, to make sure the office environment facilitates the necessary body movements and healthy posture during office hours. Merge Works offers creative modern office furniture solutions that provide optimal flexibility in the workplace and help boost employee productivity. Here are some useful changes that you can introduce in the office for an active work life. Let’s take a look.


Flexible furniture, such as height adjustable tables, flip top tables, and standing desks, helps break the monotony of sitting at an office desk all day, and allow for some much-needed movement. Sitting all day at a desk can cause health problems such as back and neck pain, and even obesity. An unhealthy employee may not be able to produce the desired outputs in a given timeframe and is prone to absenteeism. Standing desks allow the employees to sit and stand at their convenience and maintain their posture and health.


Desk-dividers are a great way to get rid of cubicles that limit communication within the office and conjure images of prison. Desk-dividers promote interaction among employees without entirely robbing them of some personal space, which help in building a strong team. They come in a variety of configurations from framed to frameless or sound absorbing to frosted acrylic. The best thing about frosted acrylic desk dividers is that they allow for a balance of privacy and interaction, while also providing information security.


Team-building activities are essential if you are looking to boost workplace productivity. If the team is on good terms, it can work as a unit to bring quicker and more efficient results. Modular office furniture can play an important role when it’s time for team-building activities. Modular movable panels and walls can be adjusted to make space for such activities, and put back in place when they are needed for work.


A dedicated recreational area is very important for the physical and mental health of employees. Employees spend long hours working and some sort of recreational activity or games such as table tennis can help them relax and refresh. Modern office furniture such as walking tables help employees have fun and maintain good physical health while working.


Modern modular office furniture allows you to bring all the above-mentioned changes into your office for an active work life. The office solutions promote the good health of employees and also help boost productivity and morale. Merge Works provides modern office solutions that designed and customized to help you craft a flexible office where business and employees flourish. Visit our website and explore our vast inventory of flexible office solutions such as height adjustable tables, standing desks, and HighRise tables. If you have any questions or wish to discuss customization options, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, shortly. You can also call us at 800-597-1195.

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